Friday, October 21, 2016

This blog allows comments again!

Hey, where did this blog's comment feature go in early 2015?! In the toilet.

This blog had a feature for years that let folks comment on most entries. Almost 2 years ago, I removed this feature because of abuse. However, you may notice that recently, I brang it plumb-bob back - at the urging of a friend who has commented on my blogs and website since at least 2001.

Comments here are moderated - as they were at the time I removed commenting. I started moderating comments because of right-wing spam. But that didn't stop it completely! No sirree!

In early 2015, my patience finally wore thin. I am not going to tolerate comments that are posted to cause trouble. That was when someone (I have no idea who) tried posting a remark here blaming blacks and Hispanics for Social Security going broke. I didn't approve the comment. Then, when it wasn't approved, the commenter tried posting a comment accusing me of (you guessed it!) "censoring" them. I decided I didn't need to entertain racist hogwash and false accusations of censorship like that.

Why post racist comments about Social Security on a blog belonging to a man who believed he wasn't even going to live long enough to qualify for Social Security retirement? Is it just for lolz? And why the hell should I approve comments like this? Don't play the victim when you resort to bigoted canards that have already been debunked - again and again for years and years.

Are people really expected to believe that they lost their Social Security for the reasons the right-wing noise engine claims? Most folks need evidence before believing something. People aren't just going to accept some canard because they heard it from someone who heard it on talk radio. Folks believe what they see firsthand - and they see proof every day of Wall Street, Congress, and the war machine robbing their Social Security. The "Didn't you hear?" line doesn't work with most of us. I know what I've seen. I don't give a shit what some alt-right robot claims they saw.

Since then, the Trump campaign has given more cover for the violent racists and sore losers who populate the modern Republican Party. This also shows why we will not accept a Republican victory at any level of government. Accepting it would be encouraging racism.

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