Saturday, October 29, 2016

Trump follower arrested for double voting

I've been trying to tell you since the days of big hair and parachute pants that the Republicans rig elections, but do people listen? Nooo.

A story out of Iowa proves once again that the GOP can't be trusted around elections. Terri Lynn Rote - a diehard Donald Trump supporter who has waved signs for the right-wing billionaire's struggling presidential campaign - has now been busted for felony voter fraud. During Iowa's early voting, Rote voted once at her county election office - and then later at another voting location.

Rote's ridiculous excuse for voting twice was that she was afraid someone would switch her first vote to Hillary Clinton. "The polls are rigged," Rote cried.

Yes, they are rigged - by Republicans. The Tea Party regularly transports voters to multiple locations, yet nothing is done about it.


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