Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Pence thinks 1995 was so horrible for poor Trump

I watched the debate. My jaw hit the floor when Mike Pence defended Donald Trump's tax evasion by talking about the rough economic times Trump had in 1995.

Seriously, he said that. Pence thinks a billionaire like Trump had it rough in 1995. I had absolutely nothing in 1995. Maybe my oversized "ATTACK!" shirt and a few Missing Persons 45's. Yet Mike Pence stood there and complained about how rough life was for the Donald.

Suck it up, you big baby.


  1. 1995..I think I had five dollars working in retail.

    Plus another ten dollars from being in cable access shows. I will forever be known as the redhead who imitated a Def Leppard video on TKR Cable..

    The Don had a billion dollars and refused to pay taxes on it.

    1. Everyone acts like the '90s were so great, even though only billionaires like Donald Trump prospered.

    2. In 1995, I think I had $6 from working at the library. Much of that was spent on bus fare to and from the library.