Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Candidate's house destroyed by fire

Darcy Burner is a Democratic candidate for Congress in Washington state. Burner is challenging the vile Dave Reichert, a Republican.

This morning, Burner's house was destroyed by fire. The candidate and her family made it out safely, but the home is a total loss.

You're suspecting the exact same thing I'm suspecting. And others are thinking it too, and they've already said so publicly:


I have to note that the blaze's cause is still under investigation. But after Paul Wellstone was murdered and Kalandra Wheeler's office was shot at, I'm strongly suspecting the worst. All it takes is one kook with a gas can and matches to torch a house. I've already discussed what right-wing terrorists did to the Peace Bus and to that family in Virginia that opposed the war, so we know they'd resort to arson.

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