Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tea Party farce to draw 1,200 people?

The BTPers are setting themselves up for a hilarious disappointment.

Organizers of the Cincinnati event now claim they're going to have at least 1,200 participants in their public temper tantrum. This sum was supposedly amassed thanks to hype by Clear Channel's right-wing WKRC radio.

WKRC barely has 10 listeners these days, let alone 1,200. Somehow I doubt the endless promotion by that station would draw that many participants to the event.

This of course is the same WKRC that helped organize pro-war rallies in the run-up to the Iraq invasion.

This much is clear: Most of the people at the Tea Party mockery won't be locals. A majority of them will be professional right-wing agitators who travel from city to city for rallies like this.

The movement is that phony. Much as the Tea Parties are secretly sponsored by corporate backers, many of the participants are paid operatives.

Must be nice to get paid to travel around the country! When I go on vacation, I work; when they "work", they go on vacation.

There's a 50/50 chance I'll be able to be on Fountain Square on March 15 to keep an eye on them. I bet that if I chased them to other cities, I'd encounter most of the same sorry individuals.

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