Monday, November 1, 2010

ABC's new hatchet man caught making bogus recording

Here's another good reason not to trust the media gasbags' narrative about tomorrow's election: ABC has hired discredited right-wing propagandist Andrew Breitbart (who seems to be the personal babysitter of anti-ACORN fraudster James O'Keefe) as its election analyst.

That alone is prima facie evidence that the media is actively trying to build a narrative about the election results. I find it interesting that this narrative gained height right after the Citizens United ruling. (Translation: I think this bias is a payoff.)

Make no mistake: ABC now stands for Andrew Breitbart Channel.

Now Breitbart has released an audio clip that he claims is of reporters at KTVA-TV, the CBS affiliate in Anchorage, Alaska, conspiring to destroy right-wing Senate candidate Joe Miller. But now this clip has been unmasked as bogus.

The audio is of the reporters, but their conversation was edited by Breitbart - after they were secretly recorded by Miller's campaign manager.

In other words, ABC hired an analyst who helps a political campaign with its dirty work by deceptively editing phone conversations.

Well, folks, this is one of the networks that's paying for all these polls - which bear no resemblance to any public sentiment you see in real life. (Honestly, do you actually see any NEW support for Republicans on the ground?)

Breitbart's clip being exposed as deception doesn't deter the Far Rightists. Now they want a criminal investigation of KTVA.

Meanwhile, after bloggers called out ABC for its right-wing bias that was evident when it hired Breitbart, ABC now says Breitbart won't appear on screen. Upon hearing this news, Breitbart has now lashed out at ABC and has tried to make himself out as some great free speech martyr.


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