Wednesday, November 10, 2010

GOP tries cutting nonexistent jobs program

The Republicans are so blinded by their own meanness and bad intentions that they don't even know which government programs still exist and which ones don't.

They attack welfare recipients for not finding jobs, but now they want to abolish a program that provided jobs for people on welfare. Problem is, this program doesn't exist anymore.

The Republican Study Committee - led by fascist Rep. Tom Price (R-Georgia) - is recommending abolishing a fund created by the 2009 stimulus package that financed hundreds of thousands jobs for welfare recipients. These jobs were immediately filled because America's poor were so desperate to fill them.

But this was only a temporary program. It has already expired, and so have the jobs it created.

In other words, the Republicans are fighting a program that doesn't even exist! GOP leaders are that delusional that they see programs that aren't really there.

What's next? Are they going to abolish AFDC again?

What's sad is that the Republicans are actually going to use cutting a nonexistent program as "proof" of their fiscal restraint.


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