Friday, November 12, 2010

Lawn Chair Quarterback: "Let's Moon Mitch McConnell!"

Mitch McConnell. A weird one indeed.

How did Kentucky manage to elect this right-wing clod to the Senate - for 5 terms, no less?

I'll never forget the time McConnell sent me a letter purportedly replying to one I sent him about John Ashcroft's nomination. Problem with this was that I had never sent McConnell a letter, because I knew he doesn't give a shit. What do you think McConnell is? A senator?

This proves McConnell or some other Senate big shot was keeping a list of dissidents' addresses and mailed me by mistake. This wasn't much of a surprise to me, because I already knew what the Republican police state was all about, thanks to the teen confinement struggle and the bogus "trespassing" arrest. They're thugs through and through.

I know you've always wanted to moon ol' Mitch the Glitch. One hundred percent of people who have ever lived have had this lifelong aspiration.

Now 'Lawn Chair Quarterback' finally gives you this once-in-a-lifetime chance!

So drop your drawers and moon Mitch! Not Mitch Miller, not Mitch Malloy, but Mitch McConnell!


  1. Alan Grayson got the boot.

    So did Russ Feingold.

  2. Feingold lost to Johnson 53-47.

    Grayson to Webster 38-57.

    Klein to Allen West 46-54.

  3. Have you heard anything from Christine O'Donnell, John Raese, or Sharron Angle lately, Gufus?

  4. Sounds like someone is having a bad day. What's the matter?

    Your hero, Feingold, is gone. All you can do is cite Democratic State in which you won. Didn't you make some sort of prediction?

    Saturday, October 30, 2010
    Prediction: 56-44 and 233-202

    How'd that turn out?

  5. "I think the Democrats might have found their presidential candidate for 2016"

    He will need a new job.

  6. Hate to tell you this, but Feingold is probably going to be Attorney General before 2016.

  7. Hate to tell you this, but Feingold is probably going to be Attorney General before 2016.

    Attorney General of Wisconsin?

    Van Hollen isn't going anywhere.

  8. Attorney General of the United States, dummy.

  9. Why Feingold?

    That's just guess work.