Monday, November 15, 2010

Teabagger cops fired over infractions

Never hire Tea Party cultists for any occupation. (If you read this blog, you're probably not in charge of hiring and firing, but the point stands.) This story proves teabaggers can't even do their jobs right. They're worse than Grover of 'Sesame Street' at his waiter job.

Be content to just let teabaggers keep their jobs of being professional operatives who travel around the country to participate in stupid right-wing rallies.

In West Tawakoni, Texas, a police chief and sergeant who happen to be Tea Party activists are being fired because of a series of major infractions. The chief allegedly misused city vehicles, screamed at another city employee in front of other people, lied to federal agents during an investigation, and drove drunk. The sergeant was fired for - among other things - allegedly performing sloppy police work such as not properly keeping evidence.

Of course, local teabaggers are saying the cops were fired because of their Tea Party involvement. But that's a lie. Still, they've contacted every media outlet in their Rolodex, and the media has been happy to soothe their delusions. Now they're trying to have the mayor fired because he fired the chief and sergeant. I guess the Lipton Losers have never heard of elections.

The teagaggers have a revisionist narrative. They deliberately set themselves up for trouble so the media has a story to tell that makes them look like victims. It's a form of yellow journalism.

I for one am sick of sorryasses like these being in power, abusing the power they have, and crying about what "victims" they are when they get caught. They're like the bully in school who tattles when somebody fights back.

The irony here is that the Tea Party liars falsely claim the cops were fired because of their Tea Party involvement - even though people all over the country have been promoted precisely because of involvement in Tea Parties or other right-wing causes. America has a spoils system that rewards right-wing politics and blacklists dissidents from employment.

So shut your damn mouths, teagaggers.


  1. Also, didn't you say that the Democrats would keep the house? What happened to that?