Wednesday, November 24, 2010

DeLay convicted of money laundering and conspiracy

Remember Tom DeLay?

DeLay is a fascist who was a leader in congressional Republicans' still-ongoing culture of corruption - before he was forced out of office in disgrace.

After DeLay was prosecuted for his corruption, Republicans moaned that it was all a political witch hunt. But today, DeLay was finally found guilty of money laundering and conspiracy for illegally funneling $190,000 in corporate campaign donations to GOP candidates for the Texas legislature.

In addition to fines, DeLay faces 5 to 99 years for the money laundering conviction and 2 to 20 years for conspiracy. He better serve at least some time. Prison isn't supposed to be just for the little people, you know.

Tom DeLay is a piece of shit who personifies political arrogance and abuse of power. He considers himself a messenger of God whose duty is to make life a hell on earth for anybody who crosses him.

I sincerely hope prison is a hell on earth for him. If he gets his ass kicked every single day that he's behind bars, he will have deserved every bit of it.

I hate you, Tom DeLay. Go pour milk on your ulcer.

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