Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election coverage looms

Tonight, this blog might be able to offer some of the most detailed election coverage that it's had in its history. That's assuming I can avoid browser lock this year. I don't expect to see any results until 7 PM though.

The major indicator of what tonight will be like comes from the fact that Democratic areas nationwide have seen unusually high turnout. So if the Republicans retake Congress, somebody (not the Democrats) is going to have a lot of explaining to do. Not like I expect the pop-up media to try to get answers.

I'm warning you in advance that I may have to disable commenting here because of the spam that's likely in store. Some individuals seem to have these 2 bodily functions as their only activities:

1) Whining (when they lose).

2) Gloating (when they win).

Frankly, nobody who reads this blog wants to wallow in a right-wing complain-a-thon when they can get that plenty of other places. This blog is one of my main sources of income, and I can't afford to have people scared away.

I also want to minimize spam from people who think they know everything about politics but don't. I don't care for my blog to be flooded with 70 comments a minute saying obvious things like, "omg lisa murkowski losed tennessee!"

Every time I've had to disable commenting, somebody always later attacks this policy as "communist." Nope, it isn't "communist." It's business. And it's my blog, and if I want it clear of spam and right-wing grumbling, that's my choice.

In any event, I don't expect to have time to do anything tonight except look at election returns. That's part of my job.

So may the worst candidate lose! (Ooh, a curse!)

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  1. No matter the outcome tonight, the Pail will be the BEST place to read about it. As I see it, this election win-win for Bandit. He wants to keep the GOP out of power, but on the other hand, the blog is best when it's railing AGAINST the party in power.