Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I solved the deficit!

Well, folks, it just took me only 5 minutes to do what no Republican administration has done in decades.

The New York Times has a fun little puzzle on its website that lets you balance the federal budget! And I finished this puzz within minutes:

Using that puzzle, I quickly solved America's budget deficit. In fact, I raised over 80% more money than is needed to erase the deficit by 2015. And a majority of it wasn't even from tax increases! And most of the tax increases I did support were on corporations, not people.

In eliminating the deficit, I proposed NO national sales tax and NO increase in the Social Security age or Medicare age.

If fiscal conservatives are about having the government live within its means, I'd be the most conservative blogger around, judging by this puzzle. It's sort of like how conservatives claim to be for less government, yet they support expanding the War on Drugs, while I support ending this failed endeavor.

1 comment:

  1. 1. Corporations are made of people, dumbass.

    2. Even if you raise taxes on corporations, that'll be passed on to the consumer (highr prices), employees (lower incomes), or other businesses (lower investments).

    3. Three, higher taxes hurt economic growth. Look at CAlifornia. They have some of the highest "corporate" taxes in the country. Why aren't they prosperous and deficit free?