Monday, November 8, 2010

Texas lawmakers want to abolish Medicaid

Man, it's a mean world out there in Teabaggia.

The land barons are gonna show us poor people who's boss, and if that means abolishing Medicaid, then by golly, that's what they're gonna do.

Republican legislators in Texas now plan to pull their state out of the popular Medicaid and CHIP. In other words, a state wants to bar its citizenry from benefiting from a federal program.

Sometimes when lawmakers slash spending, they can honestly claim that it was because there was no money in the budget for it. In this case, however, Medicaid and CHIP are being threatened because of sheer meanness - not because abolishing it will save money. In fact, it won't save money - because who gets stuck with the bills when patients who can't pay end up having to go the emergency room because they can't see any other doctor?

Besides, Texas (or any other state) doesn't even have the legal option to pull out of Medicaid or CHIP! These are federal programs, and the American public is legally entitled to their benefits. They paid for it, after all.

I work hard and live on a very low income, and Medicaid recently saved my life. The political barons know Medicaid saves lives - but they don't care. America used to have standards. Until less than 20 years ago, teabagger tirades were largely confined to isolated circles of crybabies who would soothe among themselves their own delusions of privilege. But in recent years, character has become a dirty word.

Denying Medicaid to an entire state (with nothing to replace it) is murder by proxy.

Right-wing lawmakers try to play God, but they are whiners with no ideas or solutions - just arrogant appeals to entitlement. But they don't know just how badly it's about to crash down for them like it did for Pathway Family Center.

And that will be a day full of laughs.


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