Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pelosi blasts Cat Food Commission

The Cat Food Commission has just come out with its long-feared recommendations. The basic thrust of these recommendations is this: The committee urges lawmakers to slash Social Security and completely defund public broadcasting in order to give big corporations a massive tax cut. I call it the "killing Big Bird for bailouts" plan.

But Nancy Pelosi has finally opted to grow a backbone.

A statement from Pelosi declares in part, "This proposal is simply unacceptable."

Finally! If Pelosi had showed this sort of uncompromising attitude back in 2007 - which is what the Democrats have a voter mandate to do - we'd all be in much better shape now. Maybe she's finally figuring out that you can't compromise with crazy.

A little too late, I know. But if the Democrats had this much gumption when dealing with Citizens United, Pelosi would still be Speaker for the next 2 years.

According to rumor, Congress was supposed to adopt the Cat Food Commission's recommendations regardless of what they are. Funny, I can't find the law that says this. Hopefully, the Democrats will stand firm by not adopting them.

Because if they do adopt them, the party might as well just go out of business.

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