Friday, November 19, 2010

Lawn Chair Quarterback: "Happy World Toilet Day!"

Today isn't just a city holiday.

It isn't just a township holiday.

It isn't just a county holiday.

It isn't just a state holiday.

It isn't just a national holiday.

Why, it's a world holiday! It's...WORLD TOILET DAY! November 19 of each year has been established as World Toilet Day. Coincidentally, this follows Plop Day, which had already been established as November 18.

And 'Lawn Chair Quarterback' is in a toilety mood as it should be! In our latest 'LCQ' episode, we celebrate this important feast, explain its true meaning, and fill the world with toilety cheer:


  1. "Poll shows Democrats with decisive lead"

    "In all honesty, I knew this would happen, but nobody seemed to buy my prediction. Now these skeptics are the ones with the humble pie caked all over their faces."

    Care to retract any of that?

  2. ...says John Raese's biggest supporter.

  3. ???

    Someone's feeling a little rumphurt.

  4. "In all honesty..."

    What does that mean? Were you being dishonest before? Don't you usually say it before talking about a bad thing you did?

    "Now these skeptics are the ones with the humble pie caked all over their faces."

    You have a load of dung on your face.

  5. Taliban Dan won. Hahaha.

    Webster to Grayson: "Submit to me"

  6. Aww, the big baby got his feewings hurt.

  7. Now you're not even coherent. What did I say that indicated that my feelings got hurt?

    You're the one with the youtube video up there pretty much nobody has watched.

  8. That from the man with the emotional stability of a 2-year-old.

  9. You're the guy whines and calls everyone you hate a fascist. I'm being fairly mature here. You're reduced to throwing out empty insults.