Saturday, May 23, 2009

Newt's suit


Newt Gingrich is trying to silence dissent???

Nah. Couldn't be!

But he is. Just like the little asswipe did when he was House Speaker.

Back then, he could pass laws to punish universities if they dissented. Now he just sues people.

This time, the Newter has teamed up with former Michigan GOP head Saul Anuzis to threaten a lawsuit against the holder of a Twitter account for allegedly impersonating them.

Except this person didn't impersonate them. Gingrich and Anuzis are threatening this user solely because this user supports a petition to pass the Employee Free Choice Act, which Newt and other Republicans have long despised.

If anyone seriously thinks these GOP sorryasses are being impersonated, then they have not a shred of understanding of how Twitter works.

Attorneys for Anuzis and Gingrich also say this account is violating RICO and trespassing laws.

Hahaha, trespassing laws??? Get a grip, jizzchops.

Is this anything like how NKU cried "trespassing!"?

If I was the judge who had to hear Newt's lawsuit, Gingrich, Anuzis, and their attorneys would be fined back to the Shit Age for filing a frivolous suit.


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