Friday, May 29, 2009

'Sucks' is out, harassment is in

If America became any more of a Bizarro World than it's become over the past 25 years, then pretty soon everyone would have been eating rocks and drinking sand like in the 'Saturday Night Live' skits.

Recently, a Texas Rangers baseball fan who wore a "Yankees Sucks" t-shirt to a game against the New York team was threatened by a guard with being ejected from the game unless she changed her shirt.

The guard reportedly said that the Texas ball club "considers that shirt to be profane." It violates the Rangers' "code of conduct", u c. This code was enacted because a few people got their pwecious widdle feewings hurt by words like 'sucks'.

Even "Weird Al" Yankovic (a relatively clean songwriter) used the word 'sucks' in at least one of his songs. So how thin-skinned does one have to be to complain to ballpark management after seeing this word on a shirt?

The woman who wore the "Yankees Sucks" shirt had her whole wedding anniversary ruined by the run-in. She turned the shirt inside-out, but she and her husband left the stadium before the game even started.

Sounds like Major League Baseball teams are getting as bad as the NFL is in trying to banish fun from sports.

Even though you can't wear a shirt with 'sucks', it's perfectly tolerable to drive up and down the road and pelt folks with trash - or physically block a person trying to walk down the street. In the topsy-turvy climate that's dominated in recent years, harassment like this is considered "free speech."


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