Friday, May 29, 2009

Pee-In-A-Cup Portman disobeys campaign law

Meet Rob Portman - ultraconservative former Cincinnati area congressman and Bush's OMB director. Now he's running for Senate in Ohio, and he's proving to be quite a gaffe-a-minute guy.

Last weekend, Portman appeared at the Dayton Veterans Affairs Medical Center to campaign for vets' votes. But VA officials then had to warn him that campaigning on federal property is illegal.


He had the nerve to campaign there after he was responsible for slashing the VA's budget (which led to vastly decreased quality of services for vets)?

In just the last 4 years of the Bush era (which includes Portman's OMB reign), the processing time for veterans to qualify for VA health care benefits increased from 70 days to over 300 days.

Gutting the VA was a pattern by the Bush regime though. Bush slashed VA funding in an effort to "prove" public health care didn't work - even though veterans had been more satisfied with the VA than they were with America's disastrous private health care system.

The VA's problems didn't get as bad as they are now until Bush almost totally gutted the VA for political purposes. Then again, the private civilian health care system declined under Bush too.

If you've had any experience with America's civilian health care lately, you'd know why privatizing vets' health care is the last thing America needs.

With Rob Portman running for Senate, America is staring down the barrel of a Bush conservative monopolizing another valuable Senate seat.


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