Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Come on down! ('Sesame Street' Wednesday)

Because both Oscar the Grouch and Bob Barker are cool, I couldn't resist regaling you with a 'Sesame Street' sketch in which the ol' Osk does his best Barker imitation.

This '80s-era 'Sesame Street' segment features an exciting parody of 'The Price Is Right' titled 'The Trash Is Right':


Among the most amazing discoveries in this sketch is that Bert makes pigeon sculptures out of oatmeal. Who knew?

Apparently, the sculptures make their way to the trash receptacle because Ernie complains that they start to stink.

From the discarded feathers, we also learn that Big Bird molts - much like other birds.

Notice also that people boo when the camera pans onto the photo of Big Bird.

Oscar is cool. And funny.

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