Wednesday, January 27, 2010

DLCers back bill to gut EPA

Why, it's our daily dose of DLC dumbness!

Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska recently introduced a measure to block the EPA from trying to control dangerous greenhouse gases.

That's like if the measure tried to block the postal service from delivering mail, isn't it? What good is the EPA if it can't oversee environmental protection?

Naturally, 3 so-called Democratic senators signed on to Murkowski's effort: Nebraska's Ben Nelson, Arkansas's Blanche Lincoln, and Louisiana's Mary Landrieu.

Amalgamation, everyone!

It's kind of funny that anti-ACORN fraudster James O'Keefe wasted his effort spying on Landrieu, considering that - despite running as a Democrat - Landrieu sounds like a pretty solid Republican lately.

Who'd have ever thought the DLC would listen more to Christopher Monckton than they do to Al Gore?


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