Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Waaaaaaaaaahhh! (more Freeper Madness)

Poor Republican babies. They seem to have forgotten how to win elections, haven't they?

Yesterday, the Democrats scored an upset in a special election for the Virginia Senate, winning a seat that had long been Republican-held - in a district that went heavily GOP in the recent gubernatorial election. The seat had previously belonged to right-wing extremist Ken Cuccinelli II, who was elected Virginia Attorney General back in November and who has threatened to bust unions by pulling the state out of the Employee Free Choice Act (even though the state has no power to do so).

How are the cave dwellers at Free Republic reacting to the Democrats winning the Senate seat yesterday? One observed:

"Read 'Rat vote fraud....."

Oh, I get it now. Every election in America is supposed to be won by the Republicans just because it's their birthright. And if they lose, it's always because their opponents cheated, isn't it?

What's that sound I hear?

It's looming closer!

Why, it's the WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHmbulance again!

Grow up, Freepers!

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