Sunday, January 31, 2010

Surgeon lodges drill bit in woman's head

Here comes today's horror story about America's broken health care system...

In Florida, an oral surgeon broke off a drill bit inside a patient's head. The inch-long piece of steel remained lodged in the woman's head for almost a year - and it had to be surgically removed. She may have nickel poisoning as a result.

Now a lawsuit seeks damages.

If the booger eater contingent in the Republican Party had its way, the patient would be out of luck. Their idea of health care "reform" is outlawing malpractice suits, so nobody can be held accountable.

And this is the party that the Senate lets filibuster everything?


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  1. And if it were a corporation suing an individual, you can bet your bottom dollar that the booger eater contingent in the Republican Party would fully support it and even be willing to die for their corporate warlords.