Sunday, January 17, 2010

When Tim beat the Tea Parties

What does a real Democrat sound like? Like a registered Green from Campbell County, Kentucky.

Not to be egotistical, but a real Democrat sounds like me when I singlehandedly subdued the Tea Parties in October.

I wouldn't be tooting my own horn if the Democratic leadership would put on their listening ears. All they do is yap and flap. Everything to them is about "compromise" with the other side - if not mimicking them outright.

If they'd shut up for once, I can show them a thing or five.

This is not 10 years ago. These days, I fight. And it works.

I showed the Tea Parties who's boss during their I-275 protests in October. I can't say I beat them for good, since that'll take your help too. But man, did I really show them!

They threatened to hold a rally at every exit off I-275 around Cincinnati. When I made rumblings about keeping an eye on them, they mysteriously ducked out of their planned appearance at the AA Highway exit.

They didn't show up. At all.

One person (me) kept their entire movement out of the county. And of all the counties for this to happen.

They are weaklings. As I said back in October, this proves I have more guts in my typing finger than they have in their whole movement. All I did was make one itty bitty reference to watching them, and they ran like the cowards they are.

I had proven over the preceding few years that I back up my words with action. It's not unlike what happened with the takedown of the Pathway Family Center cult - though I can't take full credit for that. With PFC, all it took was several rallies with about 3 to 15 people. But, man, did we fight hard! It paid off.

If every Democrat in Congress was like me, I don't think the blogosphere would be seriously debating whether the party will gain seats in November.