Monday, January 25, 2010

Media's anti-Chavez tale debunked

Much bellowing has been generated by the media against Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, and it's only expanded thanks to a recent story.

The media reported it like so: In their narrative - which few dare to question - Chavez blamed the United States and President Obama for the Haitian earthquake. According to this story, Chavez said the earthquake was caused by U.S. military tests involving a futuristic tectonic weapon. (Sounds like something out of Halo, doesn't it?)

But Chavez said no such thing. The entire story was made up.

The story apparently originated with a right-wing commenter on a Venezuelan news website falsely attributing nutty quotes to Chavez. A newspaper in Spain picked it up, and the American media repeated the story endlessly as if it was real.

Some right-winger made up a story outright, and the media ran with it! They didn't even bother to check the facts!

That's exactly like if the media bases its stories on comments posted on Free Republic. Wait a minute, it already does.

The media's lies go unquestioned because America no longer has an objective media source that possesses the resources to spend that the pop-up media has. I think some serious dough is going to have to be invested in a media that tells the truth instead of parroting lies by right-wing operatives who flood news sites.


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