Wednesday, January 6, 2010

DLC ran off Dorgan

With the retirement of North Dakota's Democratic Sen. Byron Dorgan, the DLC's ineptitude at keeping the Democrats viable is again showcased.

Dorgan had long championed allowing Americans to travel to Canada to get prescription drugs cheaper. Right now, importation of cheaper drugs is illegal - because it would undercut Big Pharma's greed. But Dorgan's measure was recently rejected by the Senate - largely because of influence by the DLC.

The DLC is an extreme-right pressure group in the Democratic Party that has shunned populist goals. This led to the Democrats bleeding public support even at a time when they should have had more support than ever.

Some have speculated that Dorgan is retiring because the fascist DLC helped nix his drug importation bill. When people who claim to be your friends abandon you, you go home. So Dorgan is going home.

The DLC ran off Byron Dorgan over a common-sense bill like this? Byron Dorgan, of all people???

Dorgan had a safe seat. It's no guarantee the seat will even remain Democratic with Dorgan retiring. Dorgan could have continued to be an asset to the party if they hadn't run him off.

Believe me, I know. The DLC ran me off from the Democratic Party years ago.

But the DLC doesn't learn - because most stupid people don't learn.

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