Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bert lapses into Allowed Cloud mode again ('Sesame Street' Wednesday)

That Bert! He's such an Allowed Cloud!

In this 1971 skit, he won't even let Ernie place a prized, very fragile vase on a shelf that's too small:

For those expecting to see another TV scene in which something valuable gets ruined, you're in for a big disappointment.

So we have to imagine the aftermath of that clever skit!

I bet Bert threw the party for Ernie after all and invited the entire 'Sesame Street' kick-ass crew. And I bet it got so rowdy that the vase got knocked off the big shelf and shattered into innumerable useless shards.

Notice that Bert's newspaper - like the one held by Bob in a different segment - seems to have an ad for an escort service on the back.

Keen viewers have observed that around 1:25, most of Jim Henson's head is visible at lower right.

Bert and Ernie. Kings among men.

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