Saturday, November 19, 2016

Another huge anti-Trump protest in Cincinnati today!

I didn't think today's protest against Donald Trump in Cincinnati today would attract very many people, because of the biting wind and cold - but it did.

We again gathered on Fountain Square, and we marched to Washington Park. About 1,000 people showed up.

But that includes one of Donald Trump's goons who was there to start trouble. I saw him in the crowd at Fountain Square. When the march got under way, I walked past him, and he said, "Hey Tim." I don't know how he knew my name. I don't think I saw him last week, because all I remember is that last week's Trumpthugs were considerably shorter. I'm sure he doesn't read this blog, because it's mostly just cool people who read it. The fact that he knew who I was just shows he's been conspiring with the rest of Trump's criminal cult.

Later, as we were walking up Vine Street, he violently shoved a person into a car. Naturally, the police did not arrest him. In fact, when he was talking to the police, he pointed at me - as if I somehow had anything to do with that incident.

I'm pretty sure I got pictures of him, but just not this incident.

We need to protest the Trump regime until our bell bottoms bust in public.

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