Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Trump will lose, but his followers will live on

I have some bad news.

I'm voting for Jill Stein, but I graciously accept the fact that the people want Hillary Clinton. With a certain Clinton victory looming, it is Donald Trump's crazed followers who cannot cope. The bad news is that these violent criminals will live on after the Donald loses.

These thugs will live on in state legislatures, governor's mansions, and county offices. And they will live on in everyday life. Trump supporters have threatened to harass voters at the polls in every state (even Oregon that doesn't have in-person voting) and drug voters so they forget to vote - and they have threatened violence for after the election. They've threatened to beat "leftists" and "liberals" during common errands like grocery shopping and doctor visits. (I've been told that if someone marches towards you with their fists balled up, you should clench your teeth to minimize tooth loss if they take a swing. I'm seriously considering buying a boxing mouthguard to avoid injury.) They've even openly warned of an outright civil war.

Do you think I'm gonna put up with this shit? I softball some things, like if it's just a dispute over money against someone who has some pretty serious medical and economic issues. But I've learned not to softball the right-wing thuggery by the Donald Trump 1%. The 1% doesn't have an excuse for doing what they do.

That goes for not just the everyday Donaldist but Republican public officials too. They are now on notice. Anyone who threatens me will be sorry. I'll really put a damper on their day.

Unfortunately, I don't expect Clinton to effectively drop the hammer on the violent alt-right like she should. If she did, we'd have a lot less to worry about. A few good executive orders can go a long way.

I'm confident enough now to be on guard and fight the authoritarian 1% to the very end. If I'm at Kroger and someone takes a swing, they're going down. End of story.

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