Monday, November 14, 2016

Armed Trumpthug doubles down

Donald Trump's thugs have been laying on the stupid thick this evening, so let me give you the poop.

As you know, I got in a confrontation with a man carrying an assault rifle at the anti-Trump protest in Cincinnati this past Saturday. One of the Trumpers' main talking points is that it's not really an assault rifle since that's a just a term made up for political reasons. Even if it is, it's moot. I'm not the guy who took a gun to the event to intimidate people.

The man was quoted in the local media, but it turns out he gave an alias. I'm pretty sure I found his real name now, and he lives in Erlanger. Not like it matters much, but if he was so brave, why did he have to hide behind a fake name in the media?

Earlier this evening, he posted a video on Facebook of the confrontation with me. It was edited a bit, but I still think it casts me in a very positive light - even though he said in the caption that I'm a "crazy lunatic." His video was followed by a ream of alt-right backslapping about "crazy Mr. Brown" by his demented pals, and how they're gonna search for me and "find his no job ass with beaver teeth self."

YAY!!! A CROOKED TEETH JOKE!!! Now you know I made them mad!

I have a good sense of humor, but it's not funny when right-wing pieces of shit appear at protests and carry an assault rifle just to intimidate people. If it was a rally to support open carry, I'd expect people to walk around with guns in plain sight. That's not what this protest was. As I've stated before, even in an open carry state, police have a duty to disarm those who are unfit.

If you want to openly carry a gun like that, enlist. I generally don't support expanded gun control, but I don't carry any weapon stronger than a knife, because my ideas stand on their own merits. I didn't even bring my knife to Saturday's event, because several people on my side urged me not to. I shouldn't feel like I need a fucking WEAPON!

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