Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Left is right

This, my friends, highlights one of the duties of the Electoral College. Even if Donald Trump got 100% of the popular vote, the Electoral College has a duty to reject him because of his poor character. If they don't, they're not doing their job.

Have you noticed that you personally know hardly anyone who supported Trump? That's because you live in the reality-based community, and you associate with people of high ethical standards.

Yet think about people who you've known who either have bad character or are just plain spoiled. Go find their Facebook page. Notice that most have one thing in common: They like pro-Trump pages on Facebook. They've supported Republicans in past elections, but with the growth of social media, it's easier to weed them out now.

Yes, I know the official exit poll shows Trump performed much better among men than women. But I'm as macho as any other guy out there, and that didn't induce me to vote for Trump. Most men who know how to act right didn't support him, so what about the guys who did? I have some theories. Maybe they're abusing steroids. Maybe they're compensating for some, uh, shortcomings. Maybe they've got other issues they haven't come to terms with. They seem to be preoccupied with certain topics, and that's always a sign of some serious self-hatred. I don't have any prejudices about this, but they do, and I think it's because they won't confront a part of their own lives. They obsess over things they feel threatened by because it reminds them of something within themselves.

Think back on the spoiled brat at school who put your calculator in the toilet, and find their Facepoo page. I dare you. If you want to see a showcase of Trumpist memes, you know where to look. This also shows why society has to keep a sharper eye on them.

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