Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Noisemaking trucking firm blasted on Facebook

It's no use complaining to the city of Bellevue about the construction firm whose trucks run red lights and squeal their brakes at 6:30 AM. Periodically, the city sends them a Strongly Worded Letter - which works for a few weeks, but then the trucking company forgets about it again.

This same firm - based in Newtonsville, Ohio - has been the subject of complaints on Facebook about other reckless driving incidents all over Cincinnati. These posts mysteriously disappeared right when I discovered them.

In the meantime, I'm giving this company bad reviews on review websites. One other reviewer said this company's trucks "were blocking the entrance to a public parking lot for a business and ignored requests to move, then did so in an offensive fashion."

Best all, I was able to find the company's phone number. I'm adding it to the favorites in my cellphone (right next to The Amazing AM), so from now on, when I hear the brakes squeaking, I'm going to call this number and mimic the noise.

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