Friday, November 25, 2016

Right-wing idiot insults Dayton (a blast from the past)

Remember those Tea Partyin' days of the early 2010s - before Occupy kablammoed what little mainstream interest there was in the Tea Party's fascism?

That was when one of the regular commenters on this blog found her Facebook account yanked for disagreeing with the Far Right about mandatory drug tests of welfare recipients. What did said right-wingers say about our friend? One had this to say...

"Of course she's for drugs. She's from Dayton, KY. The majority of that whole damn town is on assistance of some sort. Mostly welfare and SSI. They're generational too. The majority of the town is on drugs too. That's why I moved the fuck away from there. ..."

Hey asshole, I have family roots in Dayton, Kentucky. So I know the above statement is a lie.

He also said I was stirring up "the same shit as she." Yes, that's exactly what we were doing. The Tea Party was asking for it. It was obvious the Tea Party was full of burning fart gas, and they're damn lucky they weren't called out more.

Another idiot had this to say...

"ANN M----- IS A COMMUNIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Wow, that really elevated the tone of the discussion. They didn't even know what gum was, so I'm sure they didn't know what communism was.

Who else remembers them days?


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    1. What ever happened to ol' Goofity Goof anyway?

      I can't remember if those posts were before or after he got busted for "defrauding an innkeeper."