Saturday, November 19, 2016

How cool people rock an anti-Trump shirt

This isn't exactly a fashion blog - except when confronted with a proliferation of clothing items assailing right-wing politicians.

When we coolsters get our hands on anti-Trump shirts, this is how we rock 'em...

This is how we do - because we think it's circa 1999 when I got that jacket, which is the same one I was wearing when I got chased out of Villa Hills while I was at work. I call it the anarchist jacket - not because I think real anarchists would wear it, but because the Far Right thinks it makes me look like an anarchist. That jacket probably predates the Extremist, the George W. Bush regime, and the closure of Tantrum 95.7, so it's a durable one, and hopefully it won't get (keek!) ruined any time soon.

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