Saturday, November 12, 2016

I almost got shot at the anti-Trump rally

I went to the anti-Trump rally in Cincinnati today, and America is on the brink of danger.

I got to Fountain Square a half-hour early with my huge, bright green "FUCK TRUMP" sign. I knew it would be a big day, because when I was carrying it across the square, an older man eating inside Graeter's gave a thumbs-up. But trouble brewed before the event was even supposed to start. One of Trump's thugs showed up and started shit with the crowd that had gathered. After arguing for a bit, he walked away and uttered an anti-Jewish crack.

Around the time the protest was supposed to start, a Trump thug showed up carrying an assault rifle! No, I'm not making this up. I'm as pro-Second Amendment as anyone, but to sport a gun in this fashion is intimidation, and it's criminal. We immediately got in a confrontation, and I actually dared him to shoot me.

When this was going on, 3 or 4 police officers approached me and asked me to leave the event. I refused, because I was on public property and I was exercising free speech. I was fully prepared to sue if I was arrested. Then the cops took me aside and lectured me about it, and insisted the man was right to carry a gun. Actually, he was committing a crime. Even though carrying a gun is generally legal, one of the duties of police is to disarm people like him who are unfit to have one. I guarantee that if I had shown up with an assault rifle, I'd be in jail right now. Guaranteed!

The police told me that someone had complained about my presence at the event - even though I wasn't doing anything that other participants weren't doing. Translation: They knew about me already, so I was targeted.

Trump opponents own guns too, but notice how the only person to bring a gun to the event and threaten people with it was a Trump supporter.

After this lecture, I called some people for reinforcements, but then it appeared that the police were making everyone else leave Fountain Square. I saw a huge wall of people walk away towards 5th Street, but I didn't know where they went.

This was also the same day a mistrial was declared in the trial of the murderer Ray Tensing, so I knew there was a Black Lives Matter event in front of the courthouse. I zipped down to the courthouse and found this protest there, but I couldn't find any sign that the anti-Trump event had moved there. Before long, however, I saw the anti-Trump protesters walking down a side street and joining this protest!

With both protests merged, we marched all over the neighborhood, to Washington Park, and then back to Fountain Square! About 5,000 people showed up in total. And lots of participants liked my sign. Some said it was their favorite sign! And many bystanders gave me a thumbs-up! Best all, I didn't see any more Trumpers to gunk things up.

There's supposed to be another anti-Trump protest next Saturday - same time, same place, same channel!

Oh, and the guy with the assault rifle has now been identified.

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