Saturday, November 12, 2016

They just admitted it: I lost work because of politics

Every so often, I post a message on Facepoo soliciting employment at local businesses.

I made another such post this morning. I did warn potential employers in advance that I have strabismus and punk rocker teeth. (I didn't mention the Sesame Street sore.) If they were going to discriminate against me for appearance, I didn't want to waste time being interviewed. Plus, I won't do anything about my crooked teeth and crossed eye anyway, because they look cool. You have to admit, the Rock Pile is a lot more interesting than having perfectly straight teeth. Considering hardly anyone ever mentioned it until I was 24, why should I be embarrassed about it?

I also don't understand why I should be embarrassed about strabismus. I might not have fabulous eye contact, but I'm not a people person anyway.

After I posted my want ad, this is the lone reply I got...

"So you're in support of violent protests in Cincinnati, talked about bringing a switchblade to anti trump rallies. Your appearance would be the last reason to over look you as a candidate."

Genius, the only reason I planned on bringing a switchblade is because participants were being threatened with violence by Trump's thugs.

More importantly, this guy just admitted he wouldn't hire me because I oppose Trump. It's not like I was looking for a job as a dental hygienist or eye doctor, so there's no excuse. Everything I've said for the past 25 years about being passed over for jobs because of politics was just confirmed.

So you can sell your glasses and keep chompin' with that Rock Pile!

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