Monday, November 14, 2016

Trumpthug caught on video macing man

Nope, no violence from Trump supporters here. Except that there is...

Here's a synopsis of that video for those of you who are afraid a poisonous alligator might pop out of your screen if you click on it: An older man - a Trump supporter - walks through a crowd in Los Angeles, repeatedly yelling, "Asshole!" We soon see that the language was directed at a younger man - a Trump opponent. Then, with no provocation whatsoever, a woman - a Trump supporter - walks past and sprays mace in the young man's face before quickly walking away.

No provocation. At all. She just goes ahead and sprays it.

Workers at a food stand had to give the man some water to douse his eyes. (I have no idea why the Harlem Globetrotters music was playing in the background.)

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