Monday, November 7, 2016

Election premortem

Election Day is tomorrow, and this may be my last post until at least Wednesday.

I'm confident Donald Trump will be defeated (Sam Wang says there's more than a 99% chance of it), but I have zero confidence in anything downballot. The Media is so dedicated to electing Republicans that they wouldn't link downballot Republicans with Trump after they knew his goose was cooked.

I haven't been in such imminent fear of personal violence in 15 years. I can't guarantee I won't face trouble at the polls tomorrow - although when I mentioned this on a local Facebook page, I was immediately accused of trying to gin up controversy, even though I didn't specify what party would be at fault. But I'm more worried about violence lingering for years after the election. I feel good about wearing my anti-Bevin shirt to Kroger lately, but I don't want alt-right violence to wipe my smile away.

I wouldn't be worried if I had any confidence that the upcoming Clinton administration will have enough political savvy to forestall the fascism that looms at the hands of the alt-right.

I plan on just watching the election results on network TV tomorrow and ignoring the Internet. I don't think I can keep food down if I watched anything more detailed. Maybe I'll watch the results alone, or maybe with a friend who can keep piling blankets on top of me to keep me at peace.

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