Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Iowa cop killing suspect a Trump supporter

Two police officers in central Iowa were ambushed and gunned down overnight. Vile but predictable Internet comments pointed fingers at the Black Lives Matter movement. But now an arrest has been made, and I think it's safe to say the suspect isn't a BLM supporter.

The suspect - Scott Michael Greene - has a history of right-wing activity. Greene is known for waving a Confederate flag at blacks at a high school football game. This blog isn't really the right forum for debating the Confederate flag, and I understand that the banner might be viewed differently today from 30 years ago. Greene's actions though were clearly wrong. He clearly flew the flag just to cause a disturbance.

It turns out that Greene also recently posted a Trump/Pence campaign sign in his front yard. That figures. And to think the Kentucky GOP is trying to raise money off its Trump support.

If Greene killed those cops, he's a right-wing domestic terrorist. Others have pointed out though that once a dyed-in-the-wool right-winger became a suspect, the entire story disappeared from the news cycle.

The upcoming Clinton administration really needs to make it a priority to crack down on right-wing terrorists.


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