Friday, November 11, 2016

Nazi site tries driving Trump opponents to suicide

I'm not afraid of these assholes anymore.

The Daily Stormer - a neo-Nazi website - has published a list of over 50 Twitter users who oppose Donald Trump, and urged people to harass them until they commit suicide.

Pull that shit with me, and you'll be spitting teeth. End of story.

This story underscores how Trump's rise has actually encouraged violence by the Tea Party and other alt-right interests. It's not the first time an election outcome has emboldened right-wing violence. It's hard to argue that 1988 or 1994 didn't whip things up. It's not like the losers who make up the alt-right were just born 3 days ago. They were out there, but they soared under the radar.

The Daily Stormer has also encouraged followers to confront Muslim women and "yell at them, tell them to go home."

There's some examples of Trump-fueled violent crimes just since Tuesday. For instance, a student in San Diego was robbed in a hate crime.

Time for Second Amendment remedies against the alt-right.

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