Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Pucker up and blow (Bubble Gum Weekend)

It's only Wednesday, but - because of yesterday's electoral Tumbling Loco wreck - I'm on strike for the rest of the week unless it's some damn fun work.

This installment of this madcap feature discusses something that would be absolutely uproarious if it ever appears on YouTube. But it's such an obscure piece that I wouldn't bet on it.

Some people blow bubbles with bubble gum when they get agitated or angry. At least that's the reason they give for bubbling. I think the real reason they bubble is just because they wanted to bubble. Anyway, back around 1987, the TV news in Cincinnati carried a segment on this very thing. I don't remember whether it was a nationally syndicated medical expert like Dr. Dean Edell or just a local story. According to this segment, you could puff away anger and anxiety just by bubbling. The clip showed several people bubbling in public. The clip implored viewers that if they got mad or agitated, "Pucker up and blow."

I don't know why I remember this after 30 years.

I don't understand why bubbling would do any good. I can understand chewing gum to cushion the teeth from grinding in anger, but the bubble bustin' seems like just a bonus that wouldn't add any protection for your marvelous chompers. More importantly, how does bubbling get rid of the problem that angers you? Even after you peel the burst beegee off your face, the source of the anger persists. And you need to take action. Not just bubble.

Somehow I don't think the Founding Fathers sat around and bubbled to get King George III off their backs. If you want to bubble, then bubble. Don't expect miracles. If I buyed gum following the "election", the real reason would be to hoard it in case Donald Trump outlawed it, since he admires oppressive overseas dictators so much.

Remember, if you do opt to bubble, I encourage you to make sure the discarded wad troubles the Far Right in the most deserving way possible.

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