Wednesday, November 9, 2016

DU hacked by Trump thug

Remember when people actually used Democratic Underground, before it became obvious that it primarily served DLC hacks?

Even DU isn't safe from Trump thuggery. I just visited their website, and was confronted with this message...

"Around 4:30pm on Tuesday November 8, Democratic Underground was hacked, apparently by a supporter of Donald Trump. This person clearly knew what they were doing, and despite our best efforts we have not yet been able to resolve the issues caused by the hack.

"We do not believe that any member data has been compromised. And we are confident that donor data has not been compromised because that information is handled by PayPal and never passes through to our servers.  But at this time we are unable to bring our discussion forum online.

"The hack was clearly aimed to cause maximum disruption on our busiest night of the year, and we deeply regret that we won't be able to spend election night with our great community of members. We ask for your patience while we continue to work to fix this problem, and while we do not have a time frame we will do our best to get DU back online as soon as possible.

"If anyone has any information about the hack, or has knowledge that might help us to fix it, please feel free to contact us: ..."

Knowledge that might help fix it? I have pretty good knowledge of how to fix the Trump cult. It might land me in prison, but I've got knowledge. They don't think the way the 99% does.

Next time someone tells you that you should bubble every time you get angry - like that's going to get rid of Trump - you have my permission to discard your chewed gum in a place to inflict maximum damage on the Trump machine. (I'll touch on an old TV segment about this later.)

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  1. Maybe they should wipe their server with a cloth?