Wednesday, November 9, 2016


He did it now.

He really did it.

Man, the sexual predator is gonna crash and burn. Just you watch. Do you honestly expect him not to? This is gonna be like the episode of The Simpsons where Homer got elected trash commissioner.

Neither of the 2 other people I've talked to this morning are leaving the area over this - let alone the country. We're stronger than that, because we're moral and patriotic, and the other side is not. Just wait until more people get up out of bed later this morning and find out what happened.

We're in uncharted waters, folks. America is a failed state. Despite this, the predator actually lost the counties with Cincinnati and Louisville by 40,000 votes each, Columbus by 140,000, and even Lexington by 13,000. If you live near a big city, why leave?

If we were talking about a consistent nationwide trend to the alt-right, it would be much worse. Instead, what's going to happen here is that dissenters are going to double down and call the Right out on their flabbergasting doublespeak. I didn't watch much of the results alone, and I know what's coming. The alt-right is going to have to put on their training pants and explain themselves when they see it - if they ever do, considering that most of them no longer live anywhere near us.

Now we can go back to our all-night snacks to watch this right-wing civil war unfold in front of the entire nation.

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