Saturday, March 15, 2008

Former governor beaten in prison

I know the media doesn't want to cover this story, because they're more interested in attacking a presidential candidate because of his middle name, but here goes it...

Former Gov. Don Siegelman of Alabama was the target of a Karl Rove-linked politically motivated prosecution that landed him in federal prison. I've discussed the case before, particularly when a TV station owned by a Bush crony blacked out a '60 Minutes' report about the political motivations behind the probe.

Now it turns out Siegelman is being physically beaten in prison.

Isn't this exactly the type of stuff we used to hear about in Amnesty International PSA's about authoritarian foreign regimes? Considering the United States is now run by a Nazi dictator who doesn't respect human rights, I'm actually not surprised the regime's political opponents are being tortured in the corrections system following a phony conviction.


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