Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Vermont towns approve Bush and Cheney indictments

Yesterday, voters in 2 towns in Vermont approved measures to indict Bush and Cheney for violating their duties to uphold the Constitution.

Brattleboro approved the measure by over 200 votes. At a town meeting in Marlboro, it was approved 43 to 25. Under these measures, police are bound to either arrest Disgeorge or Sure Shot Cheney if they set foot in either of these towns or extradite them to be prosecuted elsewhere (unless they're impeached first).

The measure was obviously necessary, because nobody else had the sense to do it. I wish my county had this back in 2006 when Bush visited the local university. Even if it didn't, if I was judge-exec, I would have directed the sheriff to arrest the little creep on sight.

Predictably, the GOP is throwing a little tantrum about the results, like the big babies they are. Republican National Committee spokeswoman Blair Latoff cried, "It appears that the left wing knows no bounds in their willingness to waste taxpayer dollars to make a futile counterproductive partisan political point."

Aaaaaaaaaawww, boo hoo hoo!!!


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  1. He came really close to getting arrested that day..Would have loved to see that!!