Monday, March 31, 2008

Photos of our roadside protests!

My proudest accomplishment in many years is being a part of the public protests against Kids Helping Kids, an abusive teen behavior modification program just outside Cincinnati. I may be only one-fourth or one-tenth of these roadside demonstrations, so I won't take credit for the toil that so many others have put into these events.

(I've said it before: If you don't believe me about KHK, feel free to do your own research. Fair is fair.)

Now there's a small website chock-full of photos from the 4 protests I've been to. This webpage is accessible to the public, so I'm sure it's acceptable for me to link to it here. It's all part of a larger effort, of course, to end the abusive teen gulag racket. Facilities have been closed down because of protests like the ones I've been involved in, so our efforts may prove even more constructive than they've already been.

To see our pictures, point your pooper here:

(More info:

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