Thursday, March 27, 2008

Let freedom reign!

The Bush-installed military command in Baghdad has opted to impose a rigid curfew on the city. From today until Sunday, 24/7, nobody - no man, woman, or child - is allowed outside. At all. No cars, no pedestrians, no bikes, no nothing. Morning, noon, and night.

"But they're freeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" say the Freepers.

The curfew is so heavy-handed that it's already sparked public demonstrations all over the city from Iraqis of all backgrounds. And I guarantee you it won't stop violence - because measures like this never do, and haven't so far in this war. If some militant is up to something, who the hell seriously thinks they'll obey a curfew? To make a long story short, the curfew has already made Baghdad less safe.

This curfew must be part of that "Let freedom reign!" stuff. Yep, that freedom sure seems to be reigning, huh? Not only that, but when Bush scrawled those words on that My Little Pony Post-It note, he got the phrase wrong. It's supposed to be "ring", not "reign", George, you idiot.

The "freedom" Bush was referring to was his own so-called "freedom" to illegally invade and occupy another country, install leaders of his choice, and issue "binding instructions or directives" like this curfew that just pad the coffers of his cronies who have a vested interest in enforcing it.

Corruption stinks.


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