Thursday, March 13, 2008

Should the dinosaur media be shunned?

I'm so angry right now at the media I can barely contain myself.

I'm going to pose a serious question here, and hopefully I'll get some thoughtful comments here from readers like you: Should I blackball the entire "mainstream" media from being sourced in entries here? Of the 5 major national TV news operations, I had already eschewed 2 before today because of their right-wing bias (though that doesn't count their affiliates and O&O's), and tonight I've made it 3. (I still cite other sources that cite these shunned sources - though I probably shouldn't.)

There's nothing mainstream about the national "mainstream" media's bias. On the Political Compass, which assigns scores ranging from -10 for most liberal to +10 for most conservative, the major national media overall (at least in the TV realm) would probably be a +10 on economic issues and close to it on social issues. (Seriously, I'm only in the -9 range on social issues, but the media has got to have damn near a +10. I'm more moderate than the media is, even though I score a -10 on economic issues.)

The major media has become so partisan that I've completely run out of patience.

The current ban list includes (in addition to any right-wing blog):

Fox News
Investor's Bullshit Daily
Washington Times

These outlets are no longer considered credible (if they ever were).

Does anybody know of any news organization that should be added to this list? Or should the entire dinosaur media be spurned? Even the relatively respectable outlets are influenced by the bogus stories put out by the bad ones, so it's hard to know where to draw the line.


  1. Here is my $0.02 worth...

    The national media organizations should all be shunned by default...and allowed in if they're generally respectable.

    NYT is fairly respectable. The AP i would allow, because it's too big to police.

    I'm not so sure about ANY tv network (especially not the ones who are already blackballed). I'm not sure about WaPo or LAT either.

    Any paper in a small or mid-sized market I would allow (unless it's already blackballed).

  2. Do you really want unbiased media or do you want media that is biased to the left?

    If you want unbiased news coverage to use as source material for your blog, liberal havens like Daily Kos and Democratic Underground are obviously out.

    And I can tell you one thing from experience, the overwhelming majority of newspaper journalists are Democrats if not admitted liberals.

  3. I don't think there is much of an unbiased media remaining. At least blogs generally admit their bias. The "dinosaur" media won't even do that.

    For every liberal journalist, there's a conservative media exec oversseing them.