Saturday, March 15, 2008

It's happy protest time, it's happy protest time...

Once again, I went to another protest against the teen behavior modification facility near Milford, Ohio, last night! You know the one I'm talking about, because I'd been to 3 other demonstrations against the money-grubbing cult since November.

Nothing truly bizarre happened during this protest. The 3 of us arrived late last night as cars were pulling out. None of the parents or staff tried criticizing us last night, but some of the kids who were being taken to their host homes certainly saw our signs. So at least they know we're here to support them, and maybe they'll feel emboldened! (It's kind of like how I would have been encouraged to fight back harder against my high school if my candidate had won the '88 election.)

The bottom line is that the programmies don't know what the hell to do now. They know we're against the facility because we know what a scam the facility is. The fact that we know it's a fraud frustrates them endlessly. People in that part of town know it's a scam too.

While the protest itself was relatively uneventful, it was as much of a success as the earlier demonstrations. I'd rather have it be boring and a success than eventful and a failure.

Of course the 3 of us later got some supper and zipped over to what used to be Crestview Hills Mall to goof off and climb on the giant snowdrifts at 1 AM.

I know the teenagers in the Milford behavior modification center are denied contact with the outside world, so they won't be reading this entry any time soon. But if they were allowed to read this, I'd tell them: We stand behind you in your fight against this oppressive facility.

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