Tuesday, February 16, 2010

74 teachers fired for disagreeing with superintendent

How totalitarian is the school system in Central Falls, Rhode Island?

Recently, the superintendent announced a plan to force the high school's 74 teachers to work longer hours and 2 extra weeks - while not increasing their pay.

The teachers' union refused to accept this plan.

So the superintendent fired 'em all. All 74 of them.

It's chilling to know the superintendent is bringing Wal-Mart-style labor repression tactics to her school district.

If I was one of the teachers who was fired, I'd be preparing my lawsuit right now.

Students are outraged at losing some of their best instructors.

State government in Rhode Island has drifted so far to the right lately that one can't depend on it to force the superintendent to reinstate the teachers. Right-wing legislators authorize schools to implement policies that are unconstitutional, but they won't intervene against illegal firings.

(Source: http://www.projo.com/education/content/central_falls_teachers.1_02-13-10_A8HEI7Q_v61.3a65218.html)


  1. R U kidding me. Repression, unconstitutional, ... LOL.

    Let the revolution begin and we can start with the owners of this website who have no right to post lies.

  2. Actually, the U.S. constitution does protect free speech, including lies.

  3. Whether it protects lies is irrelevant here, as this story is factual.

  4. With the online lunchpail, you generally get about a 50/50 mix of truth and lies, which is a pretty good ratio for a blog.

  5. Please post proof of a single lie found on this blog...or STFU