Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bert's balloon tantrum redux ('Sesame Street' Wednesday)

One of the greatest installments of this feature is when I profiled a 1983 'Sesame Street' sketch in which Bert throws an absolute, complete conniption fit because of Ernie keeping him awake by talking about balloons.

This sketch was lengthy but it had a great ending - so everyone wants me to profile it again!

By request, here's Bert, Ernie, and the balloon:


'Sesame Street' historians can find only 2 instances in which this skit ever aired.

That segment has been likened to the original version of Michael Jackson's "Black Or White" video. That clip made its world premiere during an episode of 'The Simpsons'. The video had a long ending in which the King of Pop screamed and ripped apart a car.

When the thought guardians complained that Jackson's tantrum was over the top, the singer agreed to tell music video channels to remove that part so it would never be seen again.

Just think what they would have said about poor Bert's meltdown! Maybe that's why that segment was only shown twice.

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